Men say pants to flowers this Valentine's

Men say pants to flowers this Valentine's
Janet Reger silk bra and hipsters - one of the Debenhams lingerie sets that are proving so popular in the lead up to Valentine's Day

By Jon Whiteaker - 10:31AM - Thu 10th February 2011

On the day that is usually associated with men showering their wives or girlfriends with chocolate and flowers, new figures from Debenhams have shown men changing tact this Valentine’s and opting instead for sexy underwear.

The department store chain has said that more and more men are buying lingerie, which not only last longer but also save money with a dozen red roses costing up to £100 compared to the average £25 for designer underwear.

Sharon Webb, Debenhams Head of Design, said: “Lingerie is for love on a budget. It really is the gift that keeps giving.”

“Men know that presenting a loved one with lingerie conveys a powerful message which gets straight to the point – for little outlay”.

“Sales of our sexy £4.50 knickers are rocketing in the run up to Valentine’s Day. It’s a way of saying I love you – and keeping it brief.”

The announcement of more men doing romance on a budget comes after a recent Co-op advert advising customers to cut costs by having a romantic meal at home this weekend.

With more and more people cutting cost this Valentine’s Day, Janet Reger, a designer at Debenhams, commented: “Lingerie is less expensive, last longer and provide hours of fun long after the rose petals have wilted”.

“Lingerie is a gift which can inject more fizz into a relationship than even the finest vintage champagne – and will never go flat.”

The high sales of knickers supports the department stores announcement back in May that an increase of 92 per cent in artificial flower sales, indicating that customers are looking for longer lasting items as their budgets are squeezed.

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