British soap brand rises from the ashes to launch Christmas gift set

British soap brand rises from the ashes to launch Christmas gift set

By Michael Somerville - 09:38AM - Thu 22nd August 2013

Newly restructured British soap maker Bronnley has launched a new Christmas gift set this month as it re-emerges into the soap and toiletries sector.

The brand, which was founded in 1894 and has held the Royal Warrant for the last 70 years, wants to move away from the traditional market and attract a younger audience.

Dionne Anderson, Bronnley Director and General Manager said that the brands objective is to double the sales of the business within the next 3 years.

She added: “We need to focus on developing the emotional connection that consumers feel for the Bronnley brand, and this is a strong step towards that.”

The gift sets, which are priced between £4- £20, will be sold in House of Fraser, Klondyke Garden Centres and Lloyds Pharmacies around the UK.

The UK based firm will be led by former CEO of Simple Health & Beauty Geoff Percy and is mainly owned by private investors in the Jitania family after Bronnley was rescued from administration in November 2011.

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