Success for in-house retail mags

Success for in-house retail mags
Sainsbury's Fresh Ideas magazine

By Jon Whiteaker - 11:45AM - Fri 13th August 2010

Several retail publications have made it into the top ten of customer publishing magazines according to the latest Audit Bureau of Circulation figures.

Tesco magazine is the fourth biggest seller in the sector with a half-year circulation of 1,998,767, with no change from the same period last year.

In-house publications by Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons also made in into the top ten and ranked fifth, sixth and eighth respectively.

Only magazines by Rupert Murdoch’s Sky outperformed the retailers, occupying the top three places with Sky Magazine, Sky Sports Magazine and Sky Movies Magazine recording a total circulation of 14,720,505.

Newly launched Tesco Real Food stormed into the rankings at seventh, with a six-month circulation of 1,250,000.

Morrisons Magazine saw the biggest year-on-year increase over the period with circulation rising 10.2 per cent to 1,030,186.

Although competition is fierce in publication, there is scope for retailers to perform even better in the next set of results.

Neil Saunders, Consulting Director for Verdict Research, said: “There is further scope for expansion in this arena, especially outside of grocery. That said, magazines do have to be compelling and relevant as the market is already crowded with publications.

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