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Retail Gazette Limited (RGL) owns the copyright for all content contained on this website, apart from that which is included with the permission of the owners – for example photographs.

Visitors are able to download the website for private use, but photographs or broadcasting of the website are prohibited until they have received written consent from RGL. Please see contact details below if you wish to make any requests of this nature.

Information and accuracy While every attempt is made to ensure that information presented on our website is correct and current, we are not always able to verify the accuracy of information provided to us by third parties. We advise users to personally check the authenticity of information before depending on it. RGL is provided on an “as available” basis, in the knowledge that occasionally errors with our service or content may occur which may make the website unavailable, through no fault of our own. Whilst we apologise for delays or errors in our service we can in no way accept responsibility for these.


Please consult our Privacy Policy, located in the retailgazette.co.uk website footer, to assess our use of the data we extract from website users.

On occasions, RGL will ask for personal information about its users. Those who use the site agree to provide accurate and up-to-date information in the first instance and make changes when necessary to ensure the data is precise at all times.

Your User Name and Password

Any password or user name chosen by users of RGL becomes the responsibility of the individual user.

If passwords or usernames end up in the hands of third parties, RGL will not be liable for any loss or damage caused as a consequence.

Comments – Acceptable Use Rules

A unique username and/or password will be given to each registrant to this website which will allow them access to their RGL account.

• You may not put any advertisements on the RGL site. • You may not put any material on RGL which puts at risk the privacy or security of anyone bar yourself. • You agree to cover RGL and their employees and their representatives from any liabilities (including legal fees) which result from you breaching our Rules of Acceptance Use or use material obtained from our site without authorisation. • You may not use profane or offensive language. • You may not put on the RGL site any material which is abusive, hateful or discriminatory nor any material which entices, encourages or applauds hate or discrimination. • You grant the RGL the full unrestricted right to use and distribute any material you put on to the site. • You may not put any material owned by another person without their consent on RGL. • You may not put on RGL any material which allows or encourages the dissemination of junk mail. • You grant the RGL the full unrestricted right to use and distribute any material you put on the site. • No responsibility will be accepted by RGL regarding any information put on the site by a third party. • Comments added to RGL are not screened before submission however we reserve the right to review, edit or remove information at our own discretion.

Complaints and Objections

If you are unhappy, offended or object to the publication of any of the content hosted on the RGL domain (www.retailgazette.co.uk) please raise a query by emailing info@retailgazette.com or call 020 8222 0508 and we review your reservation and may or may not take action to address it.

Computer Viruses or Malicious Coding

RGL takes all reasonable steps to ensure the domain (www.retailgazette.co.uk) is not a host to / platform for any viruses, malicious programming or malevolent code. It is strongly advisable that users personally check all content extracted / copied or downloaded from RGL for the presence of such harmful or antisocial programming and coding. RGL is not liable for the loss of any data or damage to software by viruses or harmful code stemming from the www.retailgazette.co.uk domain or server. RGL will explore and action to the fullest extent all applicable laws in plausible deniability in connection with liability claims. Variations to Terms & Conditions of Use RGL reserves the right to vary the above outlined Terms and Conditions of Use as and when we deem this to be necessary. Variations are immediately effective upon being published on www.retailgazette.co.uk. As a user of our website, you agree to adhere to the published Terms and Conditions of Use and accept any variations which are published. General

RGL Terms and Conditions of Use operate under the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales and are presided over by English law.



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