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Overall food inflation was 0.6%, the lowest level since 2006, according to BRC/Nielson
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Sainsbury's most expensive of big four supermarkets - new survey

Tesco is the cheapest and Sainsbury’s is the most expensive of the big four supermarkets for essential products, a survey by this publication has found. A weekly shop of 40 products, which included commonly bought items such as Kellogs cornflakes,...
11:48AM - Wed 30th July 2014
Fashion analyst, Anusha Couttigane claims that model David Gandy “does not represent the typical male Marks shopper” Photos by My Soul Insurance and Simon A on Flickr. Slippers are not M&S slippers
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This is not just a problem, this is an M&S problem

Two Marks & Spencer’s. Two very different stories. In the same week that the retailer opened a new Simply Food store in Braintree, Essex, one of the UK’s oldest M&S fashion stores in Gravesend closed after being declared no longer financially viab...
08:49AM - Fri 18th July 2014
image(c)iStockphoto.com/Gunnar Pippel
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Senior directors on the future of retail

With today’s consumer becoming ever more demanding, companies are rushing to ensure that they don’t get left behind in the new world of e-commerce, marketing and big data which will allow firms to personalise offers to customers on a level never s...
04:29PM - Wed 9th July 2014
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What’s the future of self-service checkouts?

There are now more self-service check-outs in the UK than the rest of Europe put together. The benefits for retailers are clear as they reduce need for in-store staff and boost the bottom line.But frustration from consumers remains, with 63 per ce...
01:21PM - Mon 2nd June 2014

Mobile payments Q&A: Jon Banks, Director of payments solutions, The Logic Group

A few weeks ago, Visa and MasterCard announced they would be supporting Host Card Emulation (HCE) as a solution for mobile NFC payments. This marks a significant step change that could turn mobile payments into a mainstream payment solution sooner...
05:20PM - Fri 14th March 2014
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A new era for the shop bag

With plastic bags under ever more intense scrutiny for their damage to the environment a new levy aimed at retailers might encourage brands to reconsider their bags in the marketing strategy.As the ‘difficult one’ in the range of materials that ca...
04:08PM - Wed 29th January 2014
Jocelyne Ehret, Director, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions (Europe)

Packaging Q&A: Jocelyne Ehret, Director, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions (Europe)

Jocelyne Ehret, Director, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions (Europe) speaks to Retail Gazette about the importance of innovative and sustainable packaging in the retail business.What are your views on food waste and what is the primary foc...
12:17PM - Tue 17th December 2013
image(c)iStockphoto.com/Courtney Keating
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Could the smartphone make the desktop computer obsolete?

It’s no secret that smartphones are becoming more affordable and popular which presents an unprecedented opportunity for retailers to benefit commercially. People are spending more and more time on their smartphones, whether it’s browsing, shoppin...
09:30AM - Mon 9th December 2013
Image by Andrew Lloyd
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Melbourne: a golden opportunity for retailers

British retailers continue to seek canny moves abroad into developing markets. Russia, China and even Libya are considered desirable locations in the race to supply and satisfy deep pocketed consumers.It may come as some surprise that Melbourne, V...
01:32PM - Fri 22nd November 2013

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