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Campaign setback for Superdrug


By Jon Whiteaker

Cancer Research UK has denied that it supports Superdrug’s campaign to lower the VAT level for sun lotion.

Reports by some news organisations today suggested the health and beauty product retailer was supported by the leading UK cancer charity in its efforts to reduce VAT on sunscreen to five per cent.

Caroline Cerny, SunSmart campaign manager for Cancer Research UK, has denied the earlier reports however and suggested that the proposals are unworkable.

Cerny said: “Cancer Research UK wants sunscreen to be affordable as it is one of the ways to help protect skin from sunburn. But given the economic situation we don’t think reducing VAT on sunscreen is feasible at the moment.

“There is also European legislation that would make such a move particularly difficult. For these reasons we are not backing Superdrug’s campaign as wrongly stated in the Guardian.”

The snub from Cancer Research UK will be a blow to Superdrug, which the Guardian reports has collected 10,000 signatures supporting the campaign.

Around 10,000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year in the UK with more than 2,500 going on to die from the disease.

Published on Wednesday 28 July by Editorial Assistant

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