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Speedy new ad banners system


Cost and time involved in changing in-store advertising are set to be slashed thanks to a new electronic banner changing system.

Eco-Graphic is the latest innovation from Fairfield Displays and Lighting (FDL) which allows large banners to be hung from ceiling heights up to 14 metres.

Janice Fairfield, Marketing Director of FDL, said: “At new large shopping centres, such as Westfield, there is a lot of wasted space in big window areas where putting up banners can be expensive and time consuming.

“With the new Eco-Graphic system retailers can open up dead selling area and make it profitable.”

Remote controlled, the banner system can support graphics measuring up to four metres wide by 14 metres in length.

Graphics can be easily changed because of the products slide-off roll system and the supporting units are incredibly robust, capable of supporting up to 35kg.

Fairfield added: “Other banner changers which use pole and bracket systems can only extend around two metres while rival electronic devices can not take anywhere near the same weight as the Eco-Graphic.”

FDL will handle all aspects of the installation process for clients including the initial survey.

Established in 1979, Fairfield Displays and Lighting Ltd specialises in producing all types of display products for retail and commercial premises and operates in the UK, USA and Europe.

Published on Wednesday 18 August by Editorial Assistant

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