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Transactional Tesco app launched


Tesco has stepped up its m-commerce offerings by launching its first transactional service via Nokia mobiles.

This new service will allow mobile user to order Tesco’s products over their handsets for the first time, with full access to the supermarket group’s website.

Previous apps launched by the retailing giant have allowed customers to use their Clubcard via handsets and also locate stores by GPS.

By launching the service on popular Nokia handsets rather than expensive iPhone or android mobiles, Tesco seems to be targeting mass market exposure.

Last week Waitrose launched its first app on the iPhone format, offering recipes and GPS store-finding through the service.

Critics suggested that without online ordering Waitrose’s service would struggle to maintain interest and the upmarket grocer’s rival now appears to have stolen its thunder.

Published on Friday 06 August by Editorial Assistant

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