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Asda launches grocery card for students


Asda is launching a new service for all those parents who worry about what their student children do with their monthly allowance.

In an attempt to prevent students going hungry in order to finance their drinking habits, the retailer is giving parents more control over their kids budgets.

The new Student Shopper Card scheme allows parents to top-up an Asda store card with money that can only be spent at the supermarket.

Amanda Farrell, Product Manager for Gift Cards at Asda, said: “After conducting several focus groups with students and parents, we found that our student card concept could be a great way of providing reassurance to parents that their child has enough to eat when they go back to college.”

Scheme participants will receive two cards, one for the student and one for the parent. When the parent adds money to their card in Asda, the student’s card will automatically be topped-up with credit.

Students will be able to spend the cards in store much like a loyalty card and will have access to competitions, offers and exclusive offers online.

Farrell continued: “The Student Shopper Card helps parents support their children through university without holding their hand or imposing too much.

“It’s an easy and quick way for parents to help their children to budget without their cash just going into an overdrawn bank account and lets parents see transaction dates, location and amounts their kids are spending.”

Published on Wednesday 15 September by Editorial Assistant

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