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M&S releases 'augmented reality' card


Marks & Spencer (M&S) has teamed up with display design company Bartuf and greetings cards manufacturer Tigerprint to bring augmented reality (AR) to its customers.

The AR technology allows 3D virtual images to appear to be inserted into real world spaces when viewed through a computer or camera-phone screen.

New greetings cards developed by Tigerprint and displayed by Bartuf are to be trialled at specially developed kiosks in M&S stores.

Tony Cartwright, Advancing Technology Manager at Tigerprint, said: “AR is changing the way we view the world – or at least the way its users see the world.

“The first launch of products within M&S will allow Tigerprint to create a solid platform of understanding, which will enable us as a business to provide fantastic AR experiences to the M&S business as a whole.

“Bartuf Systems has played a key part in the development of the launch and I’m sure this will continue for many years to come.”

At the display kiosks, several cards with AR technology will be displayed next to a laptop and webcam demonstrating the 3D visuals.

Once a card has been purchased the customer can download a piece of software from the M&S website that allows them to install the operating system on to their computer.

Dave Williams, Design Manager at Bartuf Systems, commented: “Our brief from Tigerprint was to showcase the new technology and range of cards by creating a display that would help customers to engage, both physically and visually with the product.

“We have had a long and successful relationship with both Tigerprint and Marks and Spencer and are delighted to have been chosen to assist them in launching something completely new.”

Ten trial units have been installed in M&S stores so far with the possibility of a UK wide roll-out if the products prove popular.

Published on Tuesday 14 September by Editorial Assistant

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