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Londoners have less supermarket space to shop in


Scotland has by far the most supermarket retail space per person of any region in the country, with London and the south-east having the least.

According to new research carried out by professional and technological services company Caci, Dundee has 2.86 sq ft of supermarket space per person and nine of the top ten postcode areas in the list are also in Scotland.

In contrast west London has the smallest amount of retail space per person, 1.11 sq ft, and six of the ten postcodes with the lowest average are in London.

Paul Langston, Consulting Partner at Caci, commented: “The areas of the country with the greatest opportunities for growth, London and the south-east, are also the areas where fewer large sites are available and where community opposition can be a feature of the planning process.”

Scottish retailing has been struggling over the last year or so and this new research will along with low consumer confidence and rising unemployment in the country no doubt discourage investment in store expansions.

London has the biggest potential for new store growth but land is at a premium and supermarkets are likely to invest in smaller style stores over the next few years as the grocery market becomes evermore competitive.

Langston added: “The major supermarket chains will focus on town centre locations and smaller store formats to best fulfil their expansion plans. Out-of-town sites in areas with high demand are few and far between.

“Little wonder that Morrisons recently announced that it would be joining other chains and trialling a convenience store format next year.”

Published on Monday 04 October by Editorial Assistant

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