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Guess flagship improves ‘theatre of retail’


Fashion retailer Guess has teamed up with leading in-store media specialist Mood Media to improve the customer experience at its London flagship store.

Opened in September, the London shop will now play a custom music channel designed by Mood Media and it is also kitted-out with a full DJ booth that includes CD decks and mixer.

An in-store fragrance called Seduction will be sprayed in the outlet and web-based visual application will project a range of images across a portrait video wall.

Vanessa Walmsley, Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Mood Media, said: “Our technology is at the cutting edge of the sensorial media market and our brand-enhancing services can help drive growth in a wide range of businesses.

“We are delighted with the opportunity to provide Guess with in-store media solutions and look forward to enhancing further stores with our digital signage solutions - the opportunities are endless.”

In-store innovations provided by Mood Media have already been rolled out in many of Guess’s European stores but this will be the first time that these ‘theatre of retail’ initiatives have been introduced in the UK.

Honor Westnedge, Retail Analyst at Verdict Research, commented: “The UK clothing market is becoming increasingly mature making it difficult for retailers to grow their clothing market shares.

“Therefore it is essential that retailers differentiate themselves through their stores by offering an exciting and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.

“Retail theatre provides consumers with an interesting shopping visit, encouraging them to stay in store longer to browse collections, while also encouraging them to make return visits increasing loyalty to the retailer, which is vital in today’s competitive market place.”

Published on Monday 29 November by Editorial Assistant

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