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Snow ‘won’t catch retailers out’ this winter


Retailers are preparing for the expected weekend snow in an attempt to ensure it wlil be business as usual if the bad weather spreads across the UK.

In the week Tesco announced it has invested £1.3 million in preparing for the cold snap, home and DIY retailer B&Q has revealed that it has “worked hard” to ensure its shelves are stocked with everything people need in the event of snow falling.

Sales of rock salt, which can be used spread on slippery paths and driveways, have increased by a huge 1,600 per cent year-on-year this season, while wellington boots sales have inflated 388 per cent during the same period.

Wood, kindling, logs and coal have also been popular with customers in recent weeks, with sales of these items up 150 per cent in the year to date.

Steve Guy, Seasonal Trading Manager at B&Q, said: “It seems the weather won’t catch us unaware like it did last year.

“We have been busier than ever selling rock salt and we’ve seen noticeably higher sales on winter fuels too.

“We’ve been working hard to prepare and ensure our shelves are fully stocked with everything people might need to see them through a cold spell.”

The Met Office has warned that much of the UK will be affected by snow in the coming days.

Chief Forecaster at the organisation Andy Page said today: “There is no doubt that the UK will see very cold weather for the rest of the week and over the weekend.

“Icy roads and snow will be a risk for many, and the public are advised to stay up to date with the forecast to make sure they have the latest information.”

Published on Thursday 25 November by Editorial Assistant

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