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Amazon under fire as deals sell out in a flash


Questions are being asked of online retailer Amazon after its week of special offers started with products selling out in a matter of seconds.

Customers logging on to take advantage of the so-called Black Friday deals have been writing on the retailer’s online forums and other social networking sites to voice their frustration at the limited opportunity they had to secure cut-price goods.

Boab21 wrote on the forum: “Tried several this morning, and got ‘sold out’ the second they appear.

“Amazon needs to have a rethink on customer satisfaction here.”

A. E. Brayton added: “If this was a promotion to help Amazon win more customers I think it has backfired.

“There will be a few who are happy, while the majority of longstanding very loyal customers, like myself, will be left annoyed at such a lame excuse for a “deal”.

“I myself have tried twice the very second the deals showed up I pressed add to basket, only for it to show sold out….what a joke.”

Equally, the message board did have a number of comments from customers who were happy after they managed to get their hands on some impressive deals.

Black Friday is the phrase given to the day after Thanksgiving when US retailers offer huge savings to their shoppers, but Amazon extends its sales period to a whole week and has offered the promotion through its UK website for the first time this year.

Earlier this month advertised the sales week by saying over 200 “limited time deals” on products such as Nintendo Wii consoles and Sony TVs would be available from November 22nd.

The retailer also admitted before Black Friday week started that “lightning deals with a limited quantity of an item being offered at a discount for a short period of time”.

Despite reports in today’s press claiming that the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) is launching an investigation into the credibility of the promotional offer, ASA told Retail Gazette this morning that it was yet to receive any complaints on the subject.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “Given the publicity it is possible we will receive some complaints from Amazon customers, but we will deal with it in the same way we would deal with any other case.”

Published on Tuesday 23 November by Editorial Assistant

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