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Asda’s online shopping bills under scrutiny


Asda, the UK’s second largest supermarket, has been accused of overcharging a number of its online customers across the UK.

Last night’s BBC1’s Watchdog programme revealed that it received around 250 emails on the subject, with one consumer’s bill allegedly miscalculated by £77.09.

Other viewers complained of similar errors with their deliveries, and one of the main gripes was the lack of speed and efficiency Asda showed in dealing with complaints.

A statement on the BBC show’s website said: “The problem isn’t just concentrated in one place - we’ve had complaints from all over the country.

“And it all adds up to one thing. £436 worth of errors by Asda, and these are only the customers we know about!”

Asda’s admitted that it had let down the customers featured on the show and said it has done its “very best to rectify and outstanding issues”.

Following the report, the supermarket has changed some of its online shopping systems and made the commitment to make home shopping receipts much clearer in the future.

It told Watchdog: “Our process to check discrepancies between what a customer is expecting to pay and what we are about to charge them, clearly didn’t work properly.

“We have already rebriefed all of our home shopping teams. And we’ve tightened up the process in store so that when the system highlights a discrepancy - we always investigate it fully, and always charge the customer the right amount.”

Yesterday’s report follows a recent survey by consumer group Which? that found one in five shoppers at and Sainsbury’ have received unacceptable product substitutions in their deliveries.

Asda, Waitrose and Ocado’s websites were also assessed for the research, which indicated that fared best with fewer than one in ten customers saying they received unsuitable substitute items.

Published on Friday 19 November by Editorial Assistant
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