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New Look ‘satisfied’ after supplier investigation


Fashion retailer New Look has said it is “satisfied” that its authorised supplier had no knowledge about sub-contractor Sammi Leisurewear’s involvement in the production of its clothes.

An independent investigation by Ernst & Young (E&Y) into issues of unethical manufacturing raised in a Channel 4 Dispatches programme has now been completed and the UK retailer is confident “immediate action” was taken when it became clear there had been a breach of guidelines.

The Dispatches show broadcast on November 8th 2010 alleged that clothing made in Sammi’s Leicester-based factory, which ended up on the shelves of New Look and four other high street stores, was created in an unsuitable working environment.

Undercover reporters claimed that the factory employees were underpaid and made to work unregulated hours in cramped conditions.

Following the show, New Look instantly appointed E&Y to undertake a thorough investigation into its supply chain.

A statement from the retailer said: “E&Y has advised further improvements of our controls to reduce the risk of a recurrence of such breaches.

“These actions include a strengthening of the resource dedicated to ensuring ethical compliance, the tightening of supplier contracts, including the terms and conditions around the use of sub-contractors and reinforcing communication of New Look’s ethical standards requirements, both internally and across the supply chain.”

Published on Tuesday 21 December by Editorial Assistant

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