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Quotes in Retail – 2010


Since we launched Retail Gazette six months ago, a lot has been happening in the world of retail. Below is a selection of some of our favourite quotes since July, but please feel free to add your own or comment on what you think have been the most interesting/funny/important moments in the industry this year:


Ocado CEO Tim Steiner gives out a slightly confused message when explaining why so many commentators are wrong to write-off his company’s growth potential.

“In ten years’ time we will be living in the future not the past.”


In an interview with Retail Gazette, 99p Stores boss Hussein Lalani defended his company’s expansion plans:

“Those people who oppose 99p Store entering their towns are living in cloud cuckoo land.”

Retail Analyst Jonathan Banks defends retailers’ opposition to plans by the government for a new Groceries Code Adjudicator:

“It is popular for the public to say nasty multiples are driving others out of business, but the UK’s supermarkets are just good at what they do.”

Philip Green, Arcadia owner, offers to help the coalition government cut waste from the running of Whitehall:

“If we can make sense of where things have been done wrongly in the past, we want to try to make sure that they are not repeated. But I also want, quickly, to draw up where we think there can be some big wins.”


Retail Analyst David Buik singles out the main problem hanging over Waterstone’s:

“Amazon stares down on independent booksellers like the sword of Damocles! How can they possibly compete?”

Next CEO Simon Wolfson warns retailers that ahead of the government’s spending cuts they must adapt to a new reality:

“We will have to adapt to a new type of consumer environment, one in which like-for-like sales growth is likely to be low for some time and top line growth will need to come from other opportunities.”

With HMV and Game group struggling to compete with e-tailers, Paul Quirk, Chairman of the Entertainment Retailers Association, implores retailers to keep fighting for the future of brick and mortar retailers:

“I simply do not believe that if over 600,000 people are prepared to buy a download of Owl City’s Firefly that there is no demand for it on CD. We should be very careful of making consumers’ minds up for them. The danger is we may get it wrong.”


Sir Terry Leahy, the outgoing CEO of the UK’s leading retailer, sounds positive when announcing Tesco’s H1 results:

“The global economic headwinds of the last two years are being replaced by the tailwinds of recovery in most of our markets.”


Jerry Marwood announces that he is stepping down as Spar CEO in typical no-nonsense fashion:

Marwood explained: “I still have a number of exciting business initiatives to implement, a replacement to find and a hand over to complete all of which will take some time. Until then it’s business as usual.”


Heavy snow at the beginning of the month dramatically disrupted retail trade and one Bristol shopping centre was left with just one car in its car park on Saturday December 18th.

Commercial Director of the Cribbs Causeway Jon Edwards, felt a lot better once trade returned to the shopping centre after the BBC reported him as close to tears:

“The cry for help seemed to work,” he told Retail Gazette.

Compiled by Jon Whiteaker

Published on Friday 24 December by Editorial Assistant

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