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Asda cheapest retailer for Nintendo 3DS


Supermarket giant Asda is claiming to be the cheapest place to buy the new Nintendo 3DS which was unveiled last week.

The Nintendo DS series is the world’s biggest-selling handheld games console, overtaking the company’s Gameboy video system in May, and this latest version of the DS will be available at Asda for only £202.

Launching on March 25th, the 3DS will be available for £217 at full-price, with Asda customers able to use a promotional code to claim a £15 discount.

Andrew Thompson, Head of Games at Asda, said: “There has been much anticipation surrounding the launch of the Nintendo 3DS, and it is set to be the must-have consumer device of the year.

“At Asda we aim to offer our customers the latest consoles and games at the best possible value.

“Our 3DS offer will continue this trend. We anticipate the launch of this console being colossal - who wouldn’t want to experience 3D gaming and films without cumbersome glasses crushing your nose and cramping your style.”

As inflation and the VAT rise have put increasing pressures on shop prices Asda has responded by cutting prices, with the 3DS the latest promotional discount.

At the beginning of January the Walmart-owned business announced that it was increasing its price gap guarantee to ten per cent on around 15,000 of it products.

Published on Monday 31 January by Editorial Assistant

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