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Tesco and Morrisons favourites for fuel


Supermarkets Tesco and Morrisons have been voted the favourite two fuel retailers in the UK in a new survey by independent market analyst Datamonitor.

Car owners asked about their motoring habits named Tesco number one for fuel price, customer service and quality of its forecourt shop offer, with the Bradford-based competitor just behind.

With rising petrol prices a topical issue nationwide, it will become increasingly important for businesses selling fuel to stand out to drivers and it appears the grocery multiples are well-placed to attract customers.

Alex Jeater, service station retail analyst at Datamonitor, remarked: “Supermarkets have been popular with consumers for fuel for a while due to lower prices.

“However they’re now beating traditional forecourts for service and shopping as well.”

He added that supermarket fuel promotions, giving drivers discounts or loyalty points based on what they spend in store, have increased their popularity.

“Supermarket fuel retailers also appeal to time-pressed consumers and one-in-three respondents indicated they now use pay-at-pump, a feature which is most common at supermarket forecourts.”

With the leading player in the petrol retail market, BP, ranking fifth in the survey, it appears supermarkets are attracting customers away from even the most established traditional forecourts.

This month’s AA Fuel Price Report paints a different picture of the petrol battleground, however, with Morrisons and Sainsbury said to be, on average, within a penny of cheapest retailer Asda.

According to the study, average petrol prices for non-supermarket providers Jet and Shell are lower than Tesco, but slightly more expensive that the cheaper supermarkets.

Published on Monday 31 January by Editorial Assistant
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