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Spar Scotland incentivises indies to join group


Spar’s Scottish arm has unveiled new plans, which it hopes will persuade more independent retailers to join the group.

CJ Lang and Son Ltd is offering a package worth up to £33,600 to convenience stores in an attempt to convert them to the Spar network.

The package offers incentives of up to £25,000 per store to aid with conversion, covering costs for refitting project management and store advertising.

Those independent stores which do join the group are also able to benefit from free membership in the first year and an average of £5,600 in bonuses from Spar’s Reward scheme.

Spar Scotland has over 400 stores within its network and claims to hold 45 per cent of the independent market north of the border.

Claire Smith, Sales and Marketing Director for Spar Scotland, commented: “Independent convenience retailers are being faced with increased costs, increased competition and difficulties in obtaining credit.

“Our new package of incentives will help progressive retailers convert their stores to Spar.”

The incentive is also available to existing Spar members when they increase their store portfolio.

By making this investment, Spar is hoping to reaffirm its position as the top Scottish convenience store.

Spar Managing Director Jerry Marwood believes that Spar’s success in recent years, highlighted by strong sales figures in 2010, show more and more people are realising the benefits of convenience retail.

Speaking last year, he said: “We know people are reassured by familiarity, good old-fashioned interaction and the social connections they get from stores that are owned and managed by people who make a contribution to the local community.”

Published on Wednesday 26 January by Editorial Assistant

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