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Retailers offering more out-of-hours deliveries


By Calum Morrison

Retailers are enhancing their delivery options due to changing consumer demands, research conducted by logistics solutions company iForce has revealed.

Its study found a 17 per-cent increase in retailers offering evening delivery and a 14 per-cent increase in those offering a collect-from-store option, showing how retailers are catering more and more towards consumers’ timetables.

Geoff Taylor, Director of Client Services at iForce, commented: “The growth in consumer dictated delivery options between April and October demonstrates that choice has become paramount.”

Companies like Collect+, which operates through a network of 3,500 carefully placed Pay Point Stores, allow online shoppers to pick up and return parcels via local corner shops and are directed at this new consumer regulated environment.

IForce is a UK-based e-fulfilment and returns logistics business whose clients include House of Fraser, Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and it has found that the lack of bricks and mortar space is not inhibiting the pureplay online retailers, who use ‘collect from store’ services.

The research has also shown that while 12.3 per cent of retailers still offer free standard delivery, those which charge have increased their prices on average to £4.41 from £3.52 since a previous survey was conducted last April.

“This rise could be due to retailers making wiser carrier choices,” Geoff Taylor commented.

It seems that retailers are increasing their flexibility in delivery, as consumers become more demanding.

Published on Monday 17 January by Editorial Assistant

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