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Petrol price boost for UKWA members


By Calum Morrison

Escalating fuel prices are driving transport and logistics firms into working together to seek a solution.

As fuel prices potentially hit the £1.30 per litre mark this month with prices peaking in Scotland at near £1.35 a litre, the risk of reactionary strikes seems imminent.

During 2000’s similar fuel duty protests, which were sparked by British farmers and truck drivers, the UK’s CI sectors were paralysed bringing the country to a grinding halt and costing an estimated £1 billion to the government.

This week, the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) has pooled its efforts together with independent fuel card supplier Forecourt Fuels Ltd to guarantee that its members pay a minimal amount for ‘on road’ diesel in an effort to combat the rise.

UKWA’s membership services manager, Michael Davison, commented: “Fuel is at the centre of operating expenses for almost all haulage companies, businesses are analysing their fuel expenditure more closely than ever.”

With last month’s statement made by the AA - calling on the government to abandon January’s fuel duty increase - seemingly falling on deaf ears, Forecourt Fuels’ card scheme is helping alleviate the growing problem.

Forecourt Fuels is promising to save account holders a minimum net amount of 2.5 pence per litre, against the overall retail national average, on every litre of diesel purchased from participating sites for a minimum period of 12 months.

The new card scheme also offers members improved miles per gallon and reduced maintenance costs, with weekly price notifications helping to equate to saving of many thousands of pounds a year.

Business Unit Director of Norbert Dentressangle Peter Fuller, in a recent interview with Retail Gazette, acknowledged that there is very little that can be done about the price of petrol increasing, and said that instead “businesses must work even harder in other parts of the supply chain”.

Published on Tuesday 18 January by Editorial Assistant

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