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Asda part of government voucher scheme


A voucher scheme worth £250 million is being launched by the government, in association with Asda and other companies, to help encourage healthy living.

Four million £50 vouchers will be available via Asda stores and the News of the World newspaper which will allow families to swap unhealthy lifestyle choices for healthier ones.

The Change4Life vouchers will offer money off at Asda stores for healthier foods and activities, recipes for healthier alternatives to favourite snacks, and nutritional and exercise advice.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley commented: “This is a very exciting initiative. It’s a great example of how the government, the media, industry and retailers can work together to help families to be healthy.

“The healthy option isn’t always the cheapest option so it’s a really important step to be able to offer £50 off healthier foods, drinks and activities. Asda is even offering 20 per cent off dining room furniture to encourage families to sit round a table together for meals.”

An online resource called ‘Your Great Swapathon’ has been created by the government which has helpful guides on how people can swap bad habits like consuming excessive food and alcohol for physical activity and nutritious food.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Interim Chief Medical Officer for England, said: “The new year is a great time to think about making some small changes to be a little bit healthier. My simple tips are to be a bit more active and eat a little more healthily.”

Published on Tuesday 04 January by Editorial Assistant
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