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Android now represent 25% of smartphone market


By Mark Davidson

European sales of Android mobile phones shot up to 25 per cent of the overall smartphone market, according to new research from technology analysts GfK.

Android phones started 2010 holding only 5 per cent of the market but growing popularity saw a quadrupling of that figure by the end of the year.

The technology experts’ research shows how the UK alone saw figures rise from 5.2 per cent of market share in January 2010 to 27.6 per cent by December.

The growth of Android phones is not confined to Europe however with the Asian market seeing market share rise from 3 per cent at the start of 2010 to a massive 31 per cent by the close of Q4, whilst in Latin America it increased from 4 per cent share to a 22 per cent share.

Aaron Rattue, GfK’s Global Telco Marketing Director, said; “With the smartphone market becoming increasingly competitive, the potential impact of new tablet propositions and a growing number of applications, Android looks well placed to maintain market share for the coming months.”

GfK announced last month that one in five mobile phones sold in the UK throughout December were smartphone’s proving the growing market for ‘app’ heavy phones.

Published on Thursday 10 February by Editorial Assistant

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