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Best 50 social media brands led by eBay


Online retail and auction site has the best social media reputation of any brand, according to a new study published today.

The Social Brands Index, compiled by social media specialist agency Yomega, found that fellow e-tailer was also in the top five but few other retailers made it into the top 50.

Scores were calculated by measuring the level of ‘noise’ being made about each brand online, how recently comments were made and whether they are of a positive or negative nature.

Yomego Managing Director Steve Richards said: “There are some real surprises in the brand index. Brands that people are talking about online are not always the top value brands. Harley-Davidson, for example, has some of the most loyal fans online, ranking it at number 30 in the top 50 social brands.

“On the other hand, there are some brands that you might expect to be doing better. Smirnoff does some fantastic social media work but it is really inconsistent, which means it ranks lower than it could in the top 50 list.”

Other retailers in the top 50 include Burberry (31st), Zara (41st) and Ikea (43rd) but the study seems to show that other companies in the sector need to work harder to enhance their reputations through social media.

As a platform for other retailers to trade, eBay’s success can pass on good will to those brands which interact with the online giant.

A new website,, counts the number of product listings created by individual sellers on eBay and judging by its initial findings small and independent e-tailers are the most frequent traders on the site.

Zavi Outlet and Superdry Store were the best known traders on the initial top nine list, with 252 and 183 completed listings in the last seven days.

Published on Thursday 17 February by Editorial Assistant

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