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John Lewis opts for discrete security


By Mark Davidson

Department store group John Lewis has teamed up with Checkpoint Systems’ Alpha High Theft Solutions (AHTS), a leading producer of anti theft tags.

The retailer will be ordering Alpha 3 Alarm Cableloks to protect its products in all of its well established stores.

AHTS currently provides the security tags for other leading high street shops and has said its aim is to provide security to products at John Lewis without disrupting the way they are displayed.

The Cablelok comes with a three-alarm system, the first alarm sounds when the tag is being tampered with, the second goes off when the product is leaving the store and the final alarm goes off for ten minutes when the product has left the store.

Mike Gleeson, John Lewis Development Manager, Business Protection, said: “Alpha’s unique three-alarm technology really stood out as a security solution for John Lewis’s products, offering the added value of protecting merchandise beyond the store.

“We are certain that the new security devices will offer a robust method of deterring thieves and look forward to working closely with Alpha.”

Despite figures from the British Retail Consortium showing that shoplifting was down 10.6 per cent in 2010, retail theft is an ongoing threat that retailers must try to combat.

Worryingly for many companies in the industry, security firm G4S recently published research that suggested nearly ten per cent of retail staff have stolen from their employer in the past.

Published on Thursday 17 February by Editorial Assistant

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