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Lovefilm enhances customer service with Sitel

W1siziisijiwmtuvmdmvmjuvmdavndavntmvmzcwl2zpbguixsxbinailcj0ahvtyiisijywmhg0mdbcdtawm2uixv0 has today announced that it will be using customer service company Sitel to provide additional customer and billing support for its UK and German operations.

Sitel have been supplying Lovefilm with customer solutions support since August 2010 and this new move will see it expand its service for the online film rental companies growing customer base.

The move comes after the launch of Lovefilm’s Playstation 3 (PS3) application, which enables customers to select, pay for and watch films through the games console, created an increasing number of calls.

Fern O’Sullivan, Group OPS Director of Lovefilm, said; “As a company we are dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of customer service and chose Sitel because of their proactive approach in improving customer experience. They were our first choice to handle our UK and German markets as we expand.”

“Sitel within a few short weeks was able to support Lovefilm’s fast-moving progress during the PS3 launch, and is able to act as an able partner with the continued success of Lovefilm as we grow to new heights in the EMEA marketplace.”

Following the acquisition of Lovefilm by online giant Amazon, which hopes to expand the company, Sitel has said that they are happy to provide the rental brand with added support.

Published on Friday 11 February by Editorial Assistant

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