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Land of Leather brand to be sold by Metis Partners


Defunct sofa retailer, Land of Leather, is to have its intangible assets sold off by intellectual asset specialists Metis Partners.

Metis will be selling off the sofa retailer’s vast array of trade marks and domain names it currently owns.

Stephen Robertson of Metis Partners said: “The Land of Leather brand has a very high level of awareness amongst consumers.

“It is protected by European Community, UK and Irish trade marks as a leather furniture retailer and this makes it, I believe, a very attractive proposition for any retailer of any kind of leather items.”

As the first retailer to solely sell leather sofas the company spent an estimated £21.4 million on media and advertising between 2008 and 2009.

Robertson believes that this substantial level of advertising has laid significant brand groundwork for a future owner of the brand to capitalise on.

Before folding last year, Land of Leather was one of the leading specialists in leather sofas, employing 850 people in 109 stores across the UK.

Glasgow-based Metis Partners has been called in to help a wide variety of folded companies ranging from game developers to another furniture giant, MFI.

Published on Thursday 24 February by Editorial Assistant

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