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CPW uses new technology for loss prevention


In a new bid to combat dishonest workers by providing undeniable evidence against them, Carphone Warehouse’s parent company PWPLC has teamed up with loss prevention specialists The ORIS Group.

ORIS Case Manager software uses complementary generic data mining which maps the locations and journeys of retail loss prevention investigations in order to forensically prioritise problem stores and issues before feeding data back to all levels of the business.

The system has been successfully implemented at Carphone Warehouse UK and the latest development will see it adapted for use in Germany where workers are protected by the Worker’s Council, which requires comprehensive proof before any member of staff can be dismissed.

Andrew Wood, Managing Director of The ORIS Group, said: “ORIS Case Manager has worked extremely well in the UK, but Germany is one of the European markets that required a more robust approach and hard facts rather than circumstantial evidence or opinion.

“We had already developed the technology into different languages and to use multiple currencies, but it had to be minutely tailored for German business needs down to the fact that Germany has its own business jargon and even writes Euro’s differently.”

Along with targeting problem stores and simplifying investigations, it also cuts down on additional cost due to a cutting down of paperwork and administration.

The introduction of the software comes after a survey conducted by security solutions experts G4S secure solutions, showed that 10 per cent of retail workers are stealing from their employers.

Jennie Butzlaff, Head of Loss Prevention for Carphone Warehouse in Germany, said: “ORIS Case Manager is a great way of proving the profitability of the loss prevention team as we do not generate any money for the business.

“It is built to demonstrate genuine evidence and the process of the investigation so that our business is recognised as acting responsibly, transparently and fairly.”

Published on Monday 14 February by Editorial Assistant

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