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Retail can use iPad ‘to aid customer experience’


Retailers are trying to figure out ways in which they can incorporate Apple’s iPad to the shop floor in a bid to impress increasingly demanding customers.

This comes after media mogul Rupert Murdoch last week unveiled The Daily, a digital publication that readers can download and read on the iPad, which highlights businesses’ willingness to embrace the new technology.

Retail hardware specialist EPOS Partners suggests the retail sector can increasingly use the iPad to minimise human error in stock management and provide customers with an exciting new point of sale option - but there are pitfalls.

Paul Manning, a technology expert at the firm, warns those companies investigating this avenue that they risk losing sales and customer satisfaction if they make decisions based on “design, not functionality” and do not think carefully about which solutions they choose.

However, he adds: “Obviously from a logistical perspective, such devices reduce the risk of human error in accurately recording stock management and sales figures and enables real time analysis by management.

“I believe it will be features such as Bluetooth and the variety of retail-based apps which will start to appear, which will really give it the edge, enabling retailers to do things like digitally send receipts, vouchers etc to a customer’s phone.”

Published on Monday 07 February by Editorial Assistant
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