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HTC dominates mobile top ten


HTC has continued its dominance of the mobile phone market by taking the top three spots in February’s top ten handsets, according to new data.

Top of the pack was the HTC Desire, which is thought to be the phone that best shows off the Google’s Android operating system by providing access to thousands of applications.

February’s update of the mobile tracker shows Apple’s iPhone falling from third to sixth in the table since January, overtaken by the Samsung Galaxy S which is now fifth.

Ernest Doku, technology expert at, commented: “The competition is taking a huge bite out of Apple’s market. And, with over 800,000 deals currently giving away a smartphone for free, it’s easy to see how consumers are being lured away from the iPhone.

“Many have to account for every penny spent, but at the same time do not want to miss out on owning the latest gadget. A free handset is a much more attractive proposition than shelling out for one - especially at iPhone prices.

Android phones now represent 50 per cent of the top ten and has said that one reason for this is that HTC phones often fall into the ‘free’ category and are often part of a contract deal whereas iPhones are not which has made them less desirable.

HTC also had the biggest climber in the chart with the Wildfire model, which offers smartphone functions on a budget, shooting to number three.

Doku added: “HTC has outsmarted the smartphone market by customising its handsets at a range of price points - as seen by the Wildfire acting as an aspirational Desire. It is clever marketing.

“Plus Google’s Android operating platform really cuts the mustard in terms of the thousands of applications available, especially on the gaming side.

With various new smartphone models due to be released in the coming months, such as the HTC Desire S, Samsung Galaxy S WiFi and a new iPhone, everything is still up for grabs in this continually evolving market.

“Android phones have well and truly pipped Apple to the post,” Doku added.

“But, with just a couple of months until Apple is expected to give details of its next offering, it’s almost a dead cert that they will soon lead the way again in the race for smartphone dominance.”

Published on Tuesday 22 February by Editorial Assistant

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