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Sainsbury’s sticks with Toshiba for label printing


By Mark Davidson

Sainsbury’s has opted to maintain its relationship with Toshiba for its mark down needs but has chosen to upgrade to the Toshiba EP2 portable printer.

The supermarket group has been using Toshiba printers for its price reduction process for 12 years and has worked alongside the Japanese technology group to find the best possible solution for its future requirements.

As well as providing a faster, efficient and more robust model, installing the new technology will mean that all printers are linked to the central system to provide the user with the correct products and prices to mark down.

Having looked at other options since making the decision to upgrade from the Toshiba SP2 back in 2008, Sainsbury’s chose to stay with Toshiba as the company has developed and designed the printer to the grocer’s guidelines.

Models were rolled out in 130 stores in 2009 to test the effectiveness and benefits of the EP2, and there are now plans to introduce the equipment to Sainsbury’s 900-strong UK store portfolio.

Dean Holt, Principal Solutions Architect for Channels at Sainsbury’s, said: “We chose the Toshiba portable products as the best fit for our business. They are small, light, and robust, with great performance.

“We are aware of the competitor products on offer but have continued to work with Toshiba as we believe they have the best product in the marketplace at the right price.”

Technology is playing an increasingly active role in the world of retail and business, and earlier this week it was announced that Motion Computing has produced the first tablet device that is hard-wearing enough to be used in all retail environments.

Box Technologies, a tech solutions provider, is the only Certified Motion Partner for the product, meaning it is the sole provider of in and out of warranty repairs for the tablet.

Published on Wednesday 16 February by Editorial Assistant

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