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George Davies ‘would suit Morrisons’


If George Davies is hired by supermarket Morrisons to help launch a clothing arm the project has good chance of succeeding, according to Verdict Research Consulting Director Neil Saunders.

Rumours suggest that the founder of Next, Asda George and Per Una is being lined up by the Bradford-based grocer to develop a fashion offering for the company, and Saunders views him as an ideal choice.

“If Morrisons is going into clothing then it could not have chosen much better than George Davies,” he said.

“His pedigree in developing successful clothing ranges is probably unparalleled.”

Saunders warns, however, that any venture into fashion will be difficult in such a crowded marketplace, with Asda George and Primark such strong and established players.

“A lack of a credible non-food offer has always been a weak point for Morrisons and a move into clothing is a logical first step to remedying this,” the analyst adds.

“Whether or not it’s successful will largely come down to execution; if George Davies is involved the chances of success are much enhanced.”

Morrisons has not yet confirmed if it will work with Davies or, indeed, if it is actually in talks with the retail entrepreneur at all.

Davies’s latest fashion venture, Give, has not been as successful as his previous ventures and he recently made the decision to close down five of the chain’s eight high street stores.

The website for the womenswear retailer is currently closed for maintenance.

Published on Monday 07 February by Editorial Assistant

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