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Mobile POS can boost sales and please shoppers


Mobile point-of-sale (MPOS) is set to become a prominent part of the sales process for retailers across the UK in the next year, according to the boss of a global mobile technology provider.

Justin Coward, Managing Director of Global Bay’s European arm, told Retail Gazette that businesses will utilise this new solution on a more regular basis in the coming 12 months in order to meet the demands of today’s discerning consumer.

MPOS solutions are essentially portable devices that allow retail employees to secure transactions away from the till, or provide customers with the chance to order specific products they require for a later date. The various products in development also provide other options that can boost customer service.

Coward said: “Customers would like to see this technology in stores and it fits in with retailers wanting to provide a high-end service.

“The fashion sector in particular, where brands and brand appropriateness are important factors, is leading the charge somewhat.”

Using MPOS seems to fit in with a changing trend in the way high street customers want to be served, with recent BT research showing that 68 per cent of shoppers are excited about how the shopping experience can be enhanced via technology.

With electricals specialists like O2 Retail, Apple and Best Buy now very much providing a personalised and consultative approach to selling, and allowing customers to try products before they buy, mobile sales terminals appear to be the next logical step in the sales process.

“Retailers understand that these products can drive revenue and save them money in the long run,” Coward added.

Raja Ray, Director of Product Management Software Solutions at payments services provider Verifone, also foresees MPOS technology playing a key part in retailing in the years ahead.

He said: “They can be used for queue-busting and improving customer service, which is attractive to businesses and shoppers alike.

“It can lend itself to higher value and slower moving retail environments, where staff want to invest time in their customers.

“Using the technology can also add an personal aspect to the sales process.”

While mobile technology is quickly being adapted to suit consumer needs, it appears flexible systems are directly beneficial to the businesses and staff who are serving them too.

Both Coward and Ray agree that MPOS can help staff close a sale on the shop floor, which can only be a good thing for the respective companies’ bottom line.

No-one can put an exact date on when MPOS will be the norm across the retail industry, but with companies seemingly keen to invest in cutting edge technology to gain an edge on their competitors it certainly seems to be the way retail transactions are heading.

Published on Friday 18 March by Editorial Assistant

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