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Tesco granted final approval for Coalville store


A new 35,000 sq ft town centre Tesco store in the Leicestershire town of Coalville has been awarded final planning permission, it was confirmed today.

Located on the corner of Whitwick Road and Hotel Street on the site of an old factory, the new store will create over 200 jobs.

Plans were initially submitted in October 2009 but the development was postponed by the local council considering a rival town centre development incorporating a Sainsbury’s outlet and also a proposed out-of-town store from Asda.

In December 2009 North West Leicestershire District Council voted in favour of the Tesco scheme after deciding that the town could only support one major scheme but the owners of the local Belvoir Centre, which backed Sainsbury’s plans, initially appealed against the decision.

Tony Fletcher, Tesco’s Regional Corporate Affairs Manager for the midlands, said: “We are delighted with the approval and look forward to finalising the details and delivering a high quality development and store for Coalville.”

Along with the new superstore, the three-floored building will house additional office space and 20 residential flats.

Local Liberal Democrat councillor Michael Wyatt criticised the plans when they were originally submitted by Tesco by arguing that the proposed design did not fit in with the surrounding architecture.

“Looking at the Tesco proposal I cannot see how this building will in anyway help to improve the image of Coalville,” Wyatt commented.

“The design of the building is not in keeping with the character of Coalville, it looks like a prison.”

Published on Wednesday 02 March by Editorial Assistant

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