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New Look first to use product placement on TV


Fashion retailer New Look is to be the first company to appear as a product placement on UK TV, it was confirmed today.

A new programme on Channel 4 about young high street female fashion will be sponsored by New Look and, in a break from the past, will showcase the retailer’s clothes as part of show.

The laws surrounding product placement were relaxed last month by the government, with broadcasters only needing to display a symbol in the corner of the screen when content paid for by a company is shown in a show.

New Look have organised the deal in association with production companies Twofour, Mother and Monterosa.

Nick Cross, Group Chief Marketing Officer for New Look, said: “Working alongside Channel 4, Twofour, Mother and Monterosa we are creating pioneering entertainment which is a celebration of ‘real-time’ fashion as it’s lived on the high street.

“Our customers are a generation who do not delineate their online lives from their interests in the real world - so this is a natural next step in how brands can engage their audiences in the most immediate, relevant and exciting way possible.”

In the programme presenters will look for fashionable girls in different towns who will then compete against each other in a catwalk battle.

T4 viewers will then decide on a winner in a live vote, with the overall series winner offered the chance to become a stylist at New Look. The retailer will feature in the branding of the show and its clothes will feature and be name-checked for the catwalk competitions.

Channel 4’s Head of Sponsorship, Placement and Funded Content David Charlesworth said: “Having always maintained that Product Placement will be integral to squaring the circle of measurable value within the Funded Content arena, we’re pleased to demonstrate such an innovative approach as an industry ‘first’”.

Published on Tuesday 15 March by Editorial Assistant

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