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Retailers caught up in London protests


Designer department store Fortnum & Mason was the scene of a sit-in protest over the weekend, as an organised march against government cuts led to criminality in Central London.

The Piccadilly-based outlet was targeted by anti-cuts protest group UK Uncut due to the alleged tax avoidance by the store’s majority owners Whittington Investments.

While more than 100 activists made their way into Fortnum & Mason, there were hundreds more who demonstrated elsewhere in the capital’s West End.

Companies such as Arcadia-owned Topshop, Vodafone and Boots were also the target of protestors’ anger, as were a selection of high street banks, with buildings and private property being damaged.

Hundreds of arrests were made by Metropolitan Police as some of the demonstrations erupted in violence.

The incidents occurred on the same day that the TUC organised a peaceful anti-cuts march through central London to Hyde Park, which attracted an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 people who wanted to voice their opposition to recent government policies.

The weekend’s activity followed similar disturbances across the UK in December, when Topshop, Vodafone and Boots were amongst the retailers to see their stores damaged in similar campaigns against alleged tax avoidance.

Published on Monday 28 March by Editorial Assistant

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