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Waitrose is still the UK’s favourite online brand


Supermarket chain Waitrose has the best online reputation of any brand in the UK, according to new research published today.

A survey and analysis of comments made online by customers about companies, compiled by independent PR agency Kaizo, found that the grocery arm of John Lewis has an approval rating of 48 per cent.

Waitrose also came on top of the last bi-annual Kaizo Advocacy Index and despite their rating dropping from 52 per cent since October, it is still well ahead of Sainsbury, the next highest scoring supermarket, with 28 per cent.

Other brands which performed well in the survey include Weetabix (38 per cent), Lenovo (32 per cent) and Virgin Atlantic (31 per cent).

Rhodri Harries, Managing Director of Kaizo, commented: “Waitrose continued to perform well thanks to news of growth and new jobs, by dealing with issues swiftly, and by introducing ways for customers to engage online, for instance its Christmas Facebook app featuring Heston Blumenthal”.

Tesco, which scored minus eight per cent, is still the supermarket with the lowest online approval and its reputation has dropped further since October when it scored minus four per cent.

Kaizo praised the work done by the Waitrose PR team after video footage of one of its duck suppliers treating animals cruelly came to light. By quickly condemning the actions and severing all ties with the supplier, the grocer averted a potential PR disaster.

With Morrisons scoring 23 per cent and Asda recording a rating of 11 per cent, Tesco is a long way behind its competition in terms of reputation, and Kaizo points towards specially designed blogs like, for spreading discontent with the brand.

Two other low scorers were recently merged telecommunications companies Orange and T-Mobile which both received -11 per cent ratings.

Worryingly for the management of Everything Everywhere, many of the complaints of bad service regarding the companies were blamed on confusion caused by the firms joining forces.

Published on Monday 14 March by Editorial Assistant

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