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BRC urges Cameron and Cable ‘to set retailers free’


Pressure group the British Retail Consortium (BRC) has called on the government to keep business regulations to a minimum whenever it can and urged those in power to make changes that have a positive effect on as many companies as possible.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Business Secretary Vince Cable this morning announced measures aimed at reducing red tape for retailers, but the BRC says “it won’t be enough only to remove the trivial rules which affect a handful of businesses”.

The government campaign dubbed the Red Tape Challenge includes the launch of a new website that gives members of the public an opportunity to tell decision makers which regulations need to be scrapped.

Every few weeks a different theme will be introduced, with retail the subject of the scheme’s first phase. Topics that affect all businesses such as employment law, pensions and equalities will also be open for debate as part of the initiative.

Cable today urged people and companies to visit the website and report needless regulations they are forced to deal with on a daily basis.

“This is your chance to make sure that consumers are properly protected from unscrupulous traders or give us the evidence we need to remove the unnecessary bureaucracy that stops your business from growing,” he explained.

Following the recent introduction of a ‘one in, one out’ new business regulation policy, the government appears to be taking another step in the right direction in helping UK commerce.

BRC Director of Business and Regulation Tom Ironside commented: “After all the promises which have been made about reducing the burden of regulation on businesses, this is a good start.

“The government can prove its good intentions by reducing the impact of major new burdens being introduced for retailers, such as the supermarket adjudicator and tobacco display ban.”

Red tape is not only “an inconvenience” to retailers, it also ties up time and money that could be better spent growing their businesses and increasing their workforces, he added.

Today’s move is part of the government’s growth agenda and aims to tackle more than 21,000 regulations that are currently putting barriers in the way of companies, volunteers and the general public.

Regulations surrounding retail will be the focus of the programme for the next four weeks, but attention will turn to the hospitality, road transportation, fisheries and manufacturing sectors in the coming months.

Published on Thursday 07 April by Editorial Assistant

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