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Jack Wills adverts banned due to ‘overt sexuality’


Youth fashion brand Jack Wills has been censored by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over explicit images in its catalogue, it was revealed today.

Around 20 complaints were made to the ASA concerning the partial nudity of models shown in the 2011 Spring Term Handbook from the retailer.

Four separate adverts all showed young men and women embracing and undressing each other, and in the fourth image the side of one woman’s breast is clearly visible.

Jack Wills defended the adverts by pointing out that its targeted audience was university students aged between 18 and 22 years old, and that anyone receiving the catalogue would have had to confirm that they were of adult age.

In its judgement, the ASA rejected the defence however by pointing out that the catalogue could easily come into the possession of younger children.

An ASA statement read: “We noted that each of the images contained partial nudity and considered that the fourth image in particular went beyond what could be described as fun or flirtatious.

“Because we understood that younger teenagers could have both direct and indirect access to the catalogue and because we considered the fourth image in particular to be overtly sexual in nature, we concluded that the catalogue was sufficiently provocative as to present a risk to younger teenagers.”

In conclusion the adverts were judged to have breached the Committee of Advertising Practice Code in regards to harm and offence along with harm to children, and must not appear again in its current form.

Another retailer in trouble with the ASA today was B&Q which produced an advert showing a women insulating a loft next to the tag line “easy to install”.

The ASA ruled that the advert was irresponsible as it showed the woman wearing no protective clothing, and so it was likely to be seen to be condoning unsafe practices.

Published on Wednesday 06 April by Editorial Assistant

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