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Homebase sees the light with new recycling scheme


DIY specialist Homebase will allow consumers to recycle low energy light bulbs in stores across the UK, it was announced today.

In a partnership with not-for-profit group Recolight, the retailer will provide in-store collection points to make it easier for customers to follow waste electrical and electronic equipment regulations that call for low energy light bulbs to be recycled and not thrown to landfill.

Providing these facilities in store will also give consumers another reason to enter Homebase stores at a difficult time for the home and DIY sector.

Homebase sales fell by 0.3 per cent on a like-for-like basis during the year to February 26th 2011, although the company increased profits by 16 per cent thanks partly to a stable gross margin and a 15.6 per cent expansion in selling space.

Ian Jones, Retail and Distribution Director at the company, commented: “Homebase is one of the largest retailers of light bulbs and, as a responsible retailer, this facility makes it easy for our customers to recycle their used energy efficient light bulbs.”

Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey said he believed the partnership will enable his firm to spread the recycling message more widely.

“We are delighted by the commitment made by Homebase,” he added.

“This is a really exciting development which will be integral to helping us to raise recycling rates as more low-energy light bulbs start to reach end-of-life in the coming years.”

All collected light bulbs will be sent off to treatment facilities across the UK, where the glass, plastic and metal will be separated and recycled to make new items.

The mercury from each bulb, which can be harmful to the environment if sent to landfill, will also be safety removed and recycled.

Published on Tuesday 26 April by Editorial Assistant

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