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Asda’s complaint over Tesco price-check ad upheld


Leading UK grocers Tesco and Asda have clashed again over adverts for their respective price comparison schemes, it emerged today.

Tesco has been censored by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) over a national ad campaign that claimed “One place you won’t find your fresh food this weekend? In the Asda Price Guarantee”.

Asda complained that 13 of the 20 products shown in the ad, including fresh products, were included in its promotion, and the ASA has upheld the company’s complaint.

Today’s statement from the ASA read: “We considered that the ad suggested that fresh products, including the products shown in the ad, were not included in Asda’s price guarantee and we were concerned that Tesco’s checking procedures had not correctly established whether that was the case.

“Because it was not the case that fresh products were not included in Asda’s price guarantee, and because Tesco had not supplied evidence to substantiate the claim that they were not, we concluded that the ad was misleading.”

ASA confirmed that Tesco had acknowledged the error and given the watchdog assurances that similar mistakes would not occur in future. The ad must not appear in its current form again.

The two supermarkets have clashed over Asda’s Price Guarantee before, with Tesco, along with Morrisons, suggesting to the ASA two months ago that the Walmart-owned retailer’s promotion was misleading.

Upholding that complaint in February, the ASA ruled that Asda’s ads did not make it clear enough that its guarantee does not apply to all of its products.

Tesco is currently the UK’s leading retailer holding over 30 per cent of the grocery market, and Asda is the country’s second largest supermarket with 17 per cent of the market according to the most recent Kantar Worldpanel data.

Published on Wednesday 13 April by Editorial Assistant

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