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Morrisons says shopper trends are changing


Consumers at Morrisons are spending 52 per cent more on household essentials during the final weekend of each month, prompting the grocer to suggest an evolution in shopper habits.

New data from the supermarket shows that the weekly big shop has been replaced by a “month-end, pay day trolley dash”, with recent store sales indicating that customers are spending up to 37 per cent more than average at this time of the month.

Products most likely to be bought on the typical end-of-month payday weekend are loo roll (83 per cent), toiletries (70 per cent) and cleaning products (62 per cent).

Richard Hodgson, Group Commercial Director at Morrisons, said: “The rise in the cost of living and our increasingly time poor society has seen that people are shifting from big weekly shops, instead opting for one bulk buy, timed around pay day, supplemented with quick trips through the week during the rest of the month.

“Our stores rise to the challenge to ensure we maintain key product supplies for this time and offer the very best deals – but also to keep an excellent, daily fresh offering for those, now crucial, top-up shops.”

Morrisons also suggests that UK consumers are increasingly keen to buy fresh food, with 35 per cent of people it surveyed admitting to doing mini top-up shops each week – a trend noted by grocery rival Co-op Food earlier this year.

In January Co-op rolled out an advertising campaign effectively encouraging people to ditch their main weekly shop and instead make purchases as and when they need to.

A multi-million pound advertising campaign highlighted all the activities that are more important than the weekly shop, allowing the retailer to showcase its UK-wide network of convenience stores.

Commenting at the time, Co-op Commercial Director Sean Toal said: “We know that people don’t want to waste precious personal time, and the new advertising campaign gives us a unique opportunity to encourage people to think about how they prioritise things and the way they shop.”

Published on Friday 27 May by Editorial Assistant

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