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MPOS the way forward for changing retail industry


Retail is changing and so too is the technology used by companies operating in this ever-evolving trading environment. Many of the traditional skills and processes involved with retail such as providing good customer service and varied stock are still extremely vital for businesses to succeed in an increasingly tough marketplace, but the companies that are really flourishing are those embracing the latest technologies.

Talk to any senior retail technology boss and they will explain that investment in the latest tech systems is vital to cope with the three main issues currently facing firms in the industry; international expansion, multichannel development and improving point-of-sale (POS) operations. It is the latter area, however, where huge potential lies to wow customers and enhance the feeling of retail theatre that is so necessary in today’s retail world to encourage customer engagement and drive sales.

Mobile Solutions from Global Bay

Next-generation mobile retail software provider Global Bay (GB) is leading the way in terms of mobile POS systems by improving retailers’ capacity to sell and giving customers more reasons to make a purchase.

GBmobile Kiosk applications enable businesses to scale interactions with shoppers and provide platforms from which they can increase customer knowledge.

The applications, which belong to the GBmobile Retail Suite, can be built into Apple’s increasingly popular iPad tablet device as well as hardware from other manufacturers and can be seamlessly integrated into retailers’ existing POS systems.

Breaking down the boundaries of traditional retail interaction, retail staff using the systems can sell on the shop floor as opposed to behind the till, enhancing a salesman’s potential to secure a deal while at the same time giving a customer the opportunity to learn more about the product they are about to buy as well as information about other similar ranges.

Kiosk applications can offer basic features such as program & credit card enrollment, product & price check options and promotions & coupons, but they also boast tools for cross-selling, self check-out & e-commerce integration capabilities and the capacity to broadcast videos & commercials.

MPOS is part of retail’s future

Such an innovative POS option is a quality addition to today’s in-store retail environment because its arrival on the scene comes at a time when consultative selling is becoming increasingly ubiquitous.

Various reports show that the UK high street is not the thriving commercial hub it was just a decade ago, with footfall down nationwide and empty property commonplace, but many retailers are actively tackling this problem by improving customer service and providing practical and expert advice.

MPOS solutions are tools that will only enhance this evolutionary process as the company’s learn how to draw customers into their stores.

By using products from Global Bay, they can provide immediate customer service to patrons, capture new product information, launch marketing analysis and monitor in-store trends. As these systems grow in intelligence they will be able to store information on individual customers and be used to present promotions and products specific to that person.

Retailers should not be scared of embracing new technology or investing in it.

It is customers who dictate what retailers must do, and when it comes to technological advancement, they have well and truly spoken. The reason retailers may feel pressure to update systems, launch mobile apps or establish a presence on social media is because this is what their customers now demand.

When a shopper enters a store they want to be confronted by the latest technical innovations; they want to do business with a company that talks their language and is up to date.

Global Bay’s Kiosks for Apple do not just serve the necessary function of modernising customer service, they look good too.

The recent spate of administrations and company’s collapsing in the sector highlights how retailers can quite quickly go out of fashion. Investing wisely in mobile technology may just help them stay ahead of the game.

Fit for all?

Each GBmobile module is highly configurable and can be customised to meet the business needs of any retailer, including the grocery, clothing, footwear, wholesale, and specialty sectors.

Fashion retailers in particular may find Global Bay's MPOS technology is appropriate for their brand
Fashion retailers in particular may find Global Bay's MPOS technology is appropriate for their brand

The fashion sector in particular, where brands and brand appropriateness are perennially important factors, has been quick to see the benefits that come with using this technology, but the applications would be a natural fit in stores where customers take their time over purchases, such as electricals and home & DIY specialists.

All GBmobile retail modules run on Global Bay’s patented mobile platform, allowing retailers to protect current investments and leverage existing technology while adding the all-important benefits of mobility. What is more, the GBmobile retail platform can integrate with almost any operating system, network or backend system, making deployment all the easier.

Using the iPad to conduct transactions is a logical step for the retail industry.

There is talk that some businesses have bought iPads and other tablet devices without actually knowing what to do them - awareness of their rising popularity and overall brand presence made buying them a necessity. Global Bay’s groundbreaking solutions can now help bring a return on these speculative investments.

Changing retail landscape

The high street must update itself to maintain its relevance to consumers, the vast majority of whom are highly tech-savvy and wish to conduct transactions within familiar environments. Likewise, employees in the retail industry are just as adept at using smartphones and the latest tablet devices – they are after all consumers themselves and are sure to welcome their presence to aid their working days.

Mobile POS makes absolute sense in these times of increasing interactivity through IT and technology. It gives customers the in-store interaction and speed of transaction they desire and it provides staff with an extra tool to impart their specialist knowledge and secure a sale on the spot.

MPOS solutions take consultative selling to another level, and retailers understand that using these devices can drive revenue and save them money in the long run.

This is a Retail Gazette promotional piece for Global Bay.

Global Bay is a leading provider of next-generation mobile retail software that significantly enhances retailer-to-consumer interaction.

Its patented technology platform generates tangible ROI by driving store traffic, increasing units per transaction, and improving the in-store consumer experience.

Global Bay’s unique, holistic approach to mobile leverages retailers’ existing investment in store systems and operates on all handheld devices including Apple, Windows, and Android.

For more information on Global Bay’s next-generation mobile retail software please click here

Published on Monday 13 June by Editorial Assistant

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