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Amazon & eBay - the top websites for UK shoppers


Amazon and eBay are UK consumers’ top two websites for shopping but non pure-play retailers are becoming increasingly popular, according to new data published by Verdict Research.

The UK’s number one grocer Tesco ranked third, ahead of Argos, and John Lewis, but supermarket Asda, in seventh, made the biggest gains of all the top ten. Next, Marks & Spencer and Currys completed the top ten.

Data for the Ipsos Mori survey was generated from face-to-face interviews with 2,948 adults in the UK, and consumers were asked which online retailers they visit when considering a purchase (purchase visits).

First-placed Amazon received 18.8 per cent of purchase visits, while eBay was some way behind in second with 7.6 per cent.

Matt Piner, Senior Retail Analyst at Verdict, said: “One of the main reasons that Amazon gets so much traffic is its dominance in small, discretionary, frequently purchased products such as books, music, films, video games and clothing.”

However, he admits that there are plenty of opportunities for smaller retailers to challenge their larger rivals in the online space.

“Online has the potential to offer a more level playing field than the high street, as there is potential for smaller retailers to compete with their larger rivals in a way that they are not able to do with physical stores.”

Despite these comments, the poll reveals that consumers still prefer the big names online, with the top ten accounting for more than half of all purchase visit traffic in the UK.

Piner explains that the big retailers have become adept at personalising the shopping experience and providing customers with what they want, as well as dealing with the logistical side of online retail.

Verdict’s research comes as online fashion house revealed strong full-year results for the 12 months to March 31st.

Retail sales in the UK increased 25 per cent year-on-year to £184 million, helping group profits hit £131 million for the period.

Today’s Verdict study, which was conducted in October 2010 and asked consumers about their shopping habits from the previous 12 months, revealed that Asos was the 19th most visited site in the UK.

Published on Thursday 02 June by Editorial Assistant

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