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Retailers aim to drive sales through Facebook


Retailers are increasingly looking to drive sales through social networking website Facebook, and women’s fashion specialist New Look has this week become the latest firm to change the way it interacts with its customers through this channel.

Global marketing and technology company TBG Digital has devised a new campaign for New Look, which allows the retailer to tailor its offers to individuals’ purchasing interests, encourage them to part with their money and boost engagement with the brand.

Using TBG’s Daily Deals application retailers can ensure that offers are regularly uploaded and marketed to relevant Facebook users. TBG CEO Simon Mansell says the system represents a simple way of using technology to boost sales.

“Facebook advertising is an obvious avenue to explore for retailers as it allows you to target niche audiences at scale,” he explained.

“Our new Daily Deals product allows clients to display daily offers on their Facebook page without paying Groupon any commission.

Search tool One Media Manager then maximises the performance of the media by running thousands of ad variants against all the different targeting available on Facebook and dynamically changing cost-per-click bids based on what creative generates the best ROI.”

Leading UK supermarket group Sainsbury’s has also enjoyed success with Facebook marketing through its partnership with TBG.

With the battle for grocery market share as competitive now as it has been for many years, a strong online and multichannel offering will be vital to retain and win new customers.

Each of the big four grocers, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, have made significant changes to their online teams in the last year, and the use of technology in this space by these companies could prove to be the difference between increasing customer numbers and losing business.

Sainsbury’s was able to boost customer acquisitions by 2,500 in the space of a few months and achieve encouraging cost per acquisition (CPA) figures by using a standalone Facebook page created by TBG offering grocery money-off vouchers to print or share with friends.

Meanwhile a second programme, which is based on Sainsbury’s growing general merchandise arm and uses TBG’s social media and technological expertise, is currently in its pilot stage.

“It is clear that direct response based Facebook initiatives not only work but can deliver a strong return, in terms of customer engagement and increased sales,” Mansell remarked.

“The groceries programme demonstrated beyond doubt what a well designed and executed programme can accomplish.

“To put the success of this programme into some context, if Sainsbury’s sought to replicate the results by undertaking a series of online viral activities instead, the CPA would become prohibitive.”

Published on Thursday 30 June by Editorial Assistant

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