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Kiddicare improves order conversion by 50%


Two new technology solution have helped baby & mother products e-tailer Kiddicare improve its order conversion by 50 per cent over the last year.

Improvements to the online trader’s fraud management and order validity systems have been provided by tech services firms CyberSource and 192business.

Kiddicare, as a fairly small yet increasingly successful ecommerce business, had previously checked a large proportion of its customer orders manually but realised it needed to employ more sophisticated methods to protect itself.

It hired 192business to verify names, addresses, ages and any other personal information against its payment database whilst CyberSource was employed to check paying customer details against 200 global validation tests such as order repetition, geo-location and device intelligence.

Scott Weavers-Wright, Kiddicare’s CEO, commented: “Kiddicare’s customers deserve to have a simple and positive experience when purchasing online, and the technologies from 192business and CyberSource have brought us to that point.

“Kiddicare can now confidently let more orders through while still preventing fraudulent activity.”

As a consequence of the initiative, the number of orders rejected due to suspicion of fraud were reduced by 50 per cent over a 12 month period whilst keeping actual occurrences of fraud at a low level.

Simon Stokes, Managing Director, CyberSource Ltd., said, “Fraud hurts everybody – the legitimate customer and the merchant.

“We are constantly developing tools that help merchants increase the accuracy of their fraud screening. the Kiddicare story shows fraud management is not just about lowering fraud, but also optimising revenue capture.”

Kiddicare has slowly been building a reputation for itself as an innovative ecommerce company with high customer service levels but was thrust into the public spotlight by its takeover by supermarket chain Morrisons earlier this year.

Published on Wednesday 13 July by Editorial Assistant

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