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Lloydspharmacy starts retail staff training scheme


Leading health & beauty retailer Lloydspharmacy is planning to significantly improve its customer experience, with the launch of a new training scheme unveiled today.

The +One programme will see 1,500 supervisors and 50 operational support managers attend a two-day workshop this month focusing on improving customer service in store.

Following this some ‘train the trainer’ workshops will be conducted with managers as part of a wider ten-week course on retail and customer experience skills training.

Lloydspharmacy has unveiled a number of new initiatives over the last few months, particularly in the multichannel sphere, as it tries to improve its consumer interaction.

Barbara Sutherland, Head of Capability at Lloydspharmacy, commented: “This training will help enhance the customer experience in our stores by giving supervisors, one of the most important groups of people in our business, a clear idea of the standard of service we expect.

“Our staff are fantastic healthcare experts, but we need to ensure they have the skills to be fantastic retailers as well.

“With a wide range of offers, giving them the best product knowledge is key, and our supervisors are the best people to make this happen.”

Staff members taking part in the workshops will return to work to train some 12,000 more store staff in listening techniques, ways to better assess customer need through questioning, and meeting customer requirements through sales and coaching.

At the end of May Lloydspharmacy announced a new click & collect service, and has since launched a new transactional website and a new app.

Tony Page, Managing Director of Lloydspharmacy, said: “It’s important to us that our service is personal.

“Every customer that comes into a community pharmacy has different needs and requirements, and may not be aware of the full range of product and services they can access in a pharmacy or indeed the benefits that these have for them.

“They have to be treated as individuals and supervisors are a critical part of our team to deliver this.”

Published on Wednesday 20 July by Editorial Assistant

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