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Levi’s pulls new UK ad showing riot scenes


Global fashion brand Levi Strauss has moved quickly to postpone the launch of a new television and cinema advert in the UK which portrays scenes of violence and clashes between police and young people.

With the UK coming to terms with four nights of violence and alarming civil unrest on its streets the marketing campaign was deemed unsuitable to air at this current time.

Released on social networking site Facebook on Tuesday, the ‘Levi’s Legacy’ ad depicts scenes from May Day marches in Berlin in Germany and is accompanied by the tagline ‘Go Forth’.

Ahead of the launch for what represents Levi’s first ever global advertising campaign, Chief Marketing Officer of the Levi’s brand Becca Van Dyck said: “Now, more than ever, the world needs inspiration.

“The world needs people with a pioneering spirit who still believe that anything is possible. Our 60-second ‘Go Forth’ film and digital engagement program recognise people around the globe who are stepping forward to transform the world.”

In no way aimed at inciting violence, the marketing initiative aims to celebrate pioneers around the globe and celebrate the positive changes they are making in the world.

However, as members of the British public, retailers and other businesses across the country try to piece together their lives after widespread looting and arson in towns and communities nationwide, Levi’s has opted to put this particular message on hold in the UK.

A spokesperson for Levi said: “We are deeply disheartened about the unprecedented events taking place in the UK at the moment and which have impacted communities across the country.

“While ‘Go Forth’ is about embodying the energy and events of our time, it is not about any specific movement or political theme; rather, it’s about optimism, positive action and a pioneering spirit.

“Out of sensitivity for what is happening in the UK, we have temporarily postponed our cinema and Facebook spots in the country.”

The scenes captured in the marketing campaign were said to depict “youthful optimism” and ambitions of a better future.

“We think that spirit was encapsulated in the groups that came together in Clapham, Hackney and elsewhere to rebuild their communities.”

Published on Thursday 11 August by Editorial Assistant

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