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Sony eyes new home after Enfield warehouse fire


Sony is looking at new sites from which to operate its DVD and CD distribution centre after its Enfield warehouse was burned down during a night of violence in north London on Monday.

In a statement released today the electricals specialist said it has already received a number of offers of support from affiliate companies, local distribution centres and other businesses from within its industry, as it assesses its options for the future.

The consumer electronics company also revealed that access to the warehouse on the Solar Way Business Park DC is still restricted due to high levels of smoke more than 48 hours after the blaze began, meaning the full extent of the damage is still unknown.

Over one million discs were damaged in what appears to have been a random arson attack, but Sony said it is working hard to minimise the impact the disaster has on the entertainment industry.

“We are working very closely with our customers and based on their release schedules, 1.5 million discs are in the process of being remanufactured at both our manufacturing sites in the UK and Austria,” Sony commented.

“In addition, we are extending our direct to retail distribution from our UK manufacturing site to reduce shipment delays - discs which are currently in our inventory have already been shipped today and the first of the remanufactured discs from the stock affected by the fire will be delivered tomorrow.”

Independent music labels were also affected by the Enfield fire, with the home of indie record store supplier PIAS Distribution also destroyed in the blaze at the site.

Enfield was one of the first communities to be hit by random looting and major civil unrest before it spread across London and then to different parts of the UK as the week progressed.

Other Enfield businesses which suffered damage and robbery during the disturbances included electricals retailer Currys and supermarket giant Tesco, while high streets nationwide are currently undertaking huge clear-up operations after being targeted by large groups of criminals.

Published on Thursday 11 August by Editorial Assistant

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